Employees Think They Perform Under Pressure

January 31, 2005 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Workers think that they perform as well or better than normal under pressure, news that may seem surprising to management.

According to an Accountempts survey of 972 employees over 18 and in professional environments, 12% think that their work performance “improves significantly” under pressure.

Twenty-three percent think it improves somewhat, while 39% think they are the same in all environments. Eighteen percent think that their performance is hindered somewhat under pressure, while 6% think it is hindered significantly.

When asked about the largest sources of pressure, “meeting deadlines” (25%) came out on top and “doing a good job” (3%) coming out on the bottom. In between were “balancing work and personal obligations” (21%), “interacting with customers and clients” (14%), “getting along with the boss and/or coworkers” (13%). “Something else” (13%) and “have no pressure” (4%) were also noted.