Exempt Workers Enjoy an Average 9.2 Vacation Days

August 17, 2009 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A new survey finds exempt employees are typically granted 9.2 vacation days while those who are not exempt get 8.2 days.

A news release fromCompdata Surveys, a Kansas City-based compensation and benefits data provider, said exempt workers get an average 10.9 days after their first year. Those with five to nine years of service earn 14.8 days.

In addition to vacation time, the news release said, exempt and non-exempt employees get three personal days and nine holidays a year.

The survey found 71.9% of companies allow carryover of vacation days, and 89.8% place a limit on the number of days that can be carried over. The maximum number of days allowed for exempt employees is 21.2 days, compared to 21.1 for non-exempt.

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