Finance Job Seekers Express Confidence

June 10, 2009 ( - Nearly three-quarters of job seekers in the financial services sector are confident that they will be employed by the end of 2009, according to a survey conducted by, a career and hiring management tool for the finance industry.

In addition, more than half of these job seekers (57%) expect the total compensation for their next job to be the same or higher than their most recent position in finance, a press release said. And, regardless of tough times for these job seekers, an overwhelming 84% of respondents indicated that they would still choose to embark on a career in finance if they were given the opportunity to go back to the beginning and start over.

Survey respondents noted that the biggest hurdles to landing a job include that nobody is hiring (42%), there is too much competition (31%), or they do not have enough experience (13%), according to the press release.

The survey also found 69% of respondents say they expect the industry’s reputation to improve within the next three years, following a year that has seen massive bank failures, significant government involvement and public backlash to executive compensation and bonuses. One-quarter (27%) of respondents felt that it will take more than three years for the finance industry’s reputation to improve.

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