Finances Keeping Workers up at Night

October 27, 2008 ( - One thing is clear about the nation's current economic woes: it has employees scared to death.

A news release by employee assistance program (EAP) provider ComPsych Corporation said 92% of workers polled indicated they toss and turn at night as they worry about money. However, a lucky 8% pronounced themselves free of economic concerns.

According to the announcement, workers who said financial concerns kept them up at night listed their specific worries as:

  • 30% – the cost of living,
  • 29% – credit card debt,
  • 14% – mortgage payment,
  • 13% – retirement account,
  • 3% – kids’ tuition, and
  • 3% – health care costs.

“As the largest EAP, our increased call volume has been a reflection of the financial stressors faced by U.S. employees,” said Richard A. Chaifetz, chairman and CEO of ComPsych, in the news release.