First Union Targets Women Savers

July 11, 2001 ( - First Union has targeted female investors with an e-mail program focused on their particular concerns.

The Women’s Retirement planning series, a free online offering, is the latest in First Union’s ongoing email series for prospective and existing customers.

Once registered, participants will receive one email a week for five weeks, covering:

  • retirement planning,
  • goal setting and saving
  • retirement investment vehicles, such as tax-advantaged investments and employer-provided investment plans
  • retirement income opportunities, and
  • principles of investing and asset allocation.


The program was developed in recognition of women’s financial concerns, highlighted by a survey by the National Center for Women and Retirement, which shows fewer than 50% of women are confident that they are saving enough for retirement.

In addition, research by the Employee Benefit Research Institute:

  • a little more than half of working women have tried to calculate their financial retirement needs,
  • but 27% have made no financial plans for retirement, and
  • two thirds are in without retirement benefits.

The good news is that 54% of women who calculate their retirement needs make changes in their retirement planning as a result,

  • almost 60% save more, and
  • just under a quarter change the allocations of their funds

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