Government Posts HSA Information Site

September 12, 2008 ( - Owners of small businesses can find out more about Health Savings Accounts (HSA) from a new Web site posted by the Treasury Department and the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The new Web site, , presents the advantages of HSAs and provides comparisons to other health coverage options.

The site also features materials to help employers and individuals determine whether and how to enroll in HSA-eligible coverage and how to save for health care costs through an HSA.

According to a Treasury/SBA press release, the site includes sections on:

  • What is a HSA?,
  • The Advantages of HSAs,
  • Small Business Owners: HSAs and Your Small Business,
  • Comparing HSAs to Other Options,
  • Who has HSAs — Frequently Asked Questions,
  • What People Are Saying, and
  • What’s Next? Setting up your Health Savings Account and Additional Resources.