Guardian Expands Dental Coverage to Include Whitening

December 17, 2007 ( - The Guardian Life Insurance Company has announced that it now covers cosmetic teeth whitening under its dental plan.

In addition, Guardian said it now gives employers the option of offering employees up to four periodontal maintenance cleanings per year, regardless of medical conditions. Traditionally, a physician’s certification that the employee has a disease with a known correlation to periodontal disease was required to qualify for more than two or three cleanings a year.

“We believe that there is value in offering cosmetic teeth whitening because it will encourage employees to visit their dentists and seek not only the treatments that will improve the look of their smile, but also their oral health and overall health,” said Jim Pogue, vice president, Group Dental, Guardian, in the announcement.

Existing Guardian Group Dental programs include discounts on Xylitol products, coverage for dental implants, adult fluoride treatments, ViziLite Plus oral cancer screenings, and a dental account rollover program that allows members to save up their annual maximums for costly procedures as part of its standard coverage. 

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