Guide to Implementing NQDC Plan Available

July 30, 2012 ( - A new guide to implementing non-qualified deferred compensation plans is available.

Michael G. Goldstein, in conjunction with the American Bar Association, released the second edition of “Taxation and Funding of Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation: A Complete Guide to Design and Implementation.” The new book includes all of the latest information and procedures needed to successfully plan and implement these programs. It is designed to be a de facto-guide for executive deferred compensation professionals.  

Goldstein is president and CEO for Summit Alliance Executive Benefits, LLC. When commenting about the book, he said, “This book is the culmination of herculean efforts by my co-author, Marla Aspinwall of Loeb & Loeb, as well as chapter contributors Lawrence Venick, also of Loeb & Loeb, and Lee Nunn of Aon Executive Benefits. Since its first publication in 1998 there has been a significant sea change in the non-qualified plan arena. This complete revision now becomes the definitive text on the subject addressing, in a straight forward and practical way, how one can provide this exceedingly important benefit without violating the law and regulations governing the concept.”  

The book is available for $129.95 at, look up key words “non-qualified deferred compensation.”