Health Care Workers Express 'Ill Will' for Jobs

January 13, 2006 ( - One out of every four health care workers surveyed by said they are not happy with their job and plan to look for a new one in 2006.

According to its press release, said the leading factors motivating the health care workers ‘ill will’ for their jobs were increasing workloads and dissatisfaction with pay and career advancement opportunities.

Sixty-eight percent of survey respondents said their workloads have increased over the last six months, according to the release. Two-thirds said their workloads have become too heavy, causing increased stress at work and home, and 36% reported difficulty balancing professional and personal commitments.

Although 70% of those surveyed reported receiving a raise in 2005, 50% believe they are not fairly compensated for the effort put forth on the job.

The survey revealed increased career advancement woes as well. One out of four health care workers surveyed feel they were overlooked for a promotion in 2005, compared to the one out of ten who felt so in 2004. Thirty percent of workers said they are dissatisfied with the lack of career advancement opportunities offered by their current employers, while 29% feel their jobs do not provide sufficient learning and professional development.

The survey, “Job Forecast 2006 – Healthcare,” was conducted from November 15 to December 6, 2005 and collected responses from more than 188 health care workers from a random sample of comScore Networks panel members.