Healthy Workplaces Can Lead to Employer Savings

March 1, 2011 ( – A new Sibson Consulting study concludes that organizations creating a “healthy culture” can reap the biggest rewards from encouraging healthy employees.

According to Sibson’s Healthy Enterprise Study, companies who proved the best at it had a strategic focus and a strategic plan built around healthy behaviors. Although only 17% of the organizations were effective at strategies that focus on optimal health and behavior, these organizations enjoyed the greatest impact.

The research also developed a “Healthy Enterprise Index” to measure an organization’s progress in the healthy workplace effort and found that the average company ended up with a 57% on a 1% to 100% scale, according to Sibson. Organizations with an index showing under 30% had an average annual per participant health care cost of $4,252 while those scoring 70% and above saw that figure drop to $3,329.

One potential problem, according to Sibson: most employers that have a wellness budget are spending a microscopic portion of their employee benefit outlay on wellness initiatives. Sibson said companies spend an average $80,000 annually on an employee’s wages, benefits, health care and time off combined, but only 0.16% on wellness.

“The return on investment in becoming a healthy enterprise is potentially considerable,” said Steve Cyboran, Sibson Vice President and study leader. “Employers should carefully design their initiatives to ensure an effective business outcome.”

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