HR Looks to Recruit and Retain to Impact Bottom Line

March 16, 2004 ( - Looking to their company's bottom line, human resources professionals are most likely to focus on recruiting and retention to have the largest impact.

Nearly eight out of 10 (77.2%) of the 267 HR professionals polled by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) said “recruit and retain” when asked to report which strategic HR tasks they are called upon most to perform in their organizations that contribute to organizational bottom-line success. This was followed by develop employee skills (55.8%), address health-care costs (50.9%) and keeps costs down (48.7%).

Other areas in which HR professionals leveraged the organization’s people to impact the financial statement included:

  • Communicate corporate vision (30.7%)
  • Identify trends (24.3%)
  • Human capital strategy (22.1%).

Head strategic planning and measure business drivers at 16.5% each rounded out the list.