HR Managers Show No SARS Fear

May 5, 2003 ( - Sixty-two percent of HR managers believe the fear of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) in the workplace is "low to nonexistent."

Asked to complete the sentence, “Fear of SARS in our workplace is …,” another 18% answered, “moderate to low.” The remaining 20% of respondents were scattered among “only among the usual worrywarts” (10%),” “only among our frequent fliers” (8%), and a very small 3% responding to “high,” according to a poll conducted by Web sites and

“We’ve had some inquiries from HR pros on the best way to deal with employees who might have been exposed to SARS, but this poll indicates that on the whole, managers and employees alike are keeping very level heads about this disease,” said John Brady, president of HRnext and vice-president of Business & Legal Reports (BLR).

Both sites held the online poll during the week of April 22, drawing a total of 683 votes.