HR, Manufacturing Not Working Together

August ( - Manufacturing executives want more from HR and HR is ready to jump in, but the two sides apparently are not talking.

Three quarters of manufacturing executives are unsatisfied with tools they have in place to track and manage employee productivity and 60% think they lack the ability to tie specific employee goals to productivity. At the same time, 84% of HR managers want to spend more time tying individual employee performance to metrics such as safety, quality and customer satisfaction and nearly half of all HR managers (48%) think floor managers would not welcome their assistance improving the performance of their employees, according results from to PeopleSoft, Inc’s PeoplePulse Human Capital Management (HCM) customer survey.

Even more telling about manufacturing’s desire for HR’s involvement is that all of the 300 manufacturing line managers polled said HR can provide some degree of assistance in tying individual employee productivity goals to manufacturing output targets. Additionally, HR managers cited the ability to tie individual employee tasks to organizational goals as the primary reason they would deploy a workforce performance solution.

“There is clearly pent up demand for manufacturing line managers and HR to join forces and improve employee performance against production goals,” said Mark Lange, vice president of global marketing, PeopleSoft HCM. “If HR and line managers work more closely together to deploy solutions that enable them to better understand and manage the performance of a manufacturing workforce, they can directly impact a company’s most important operating and production metrics.”