Hudson: 25% of Companies Have Retention Strategies in Place

October 17, 2007 ( - Only about 25% of employers have a strategy in place to hang on to top employees, but more of these top performers are staying put, according to a recent survey by Hudson, a recruitment firm.

A press release about the poll said the number of workers who believe the top performers choose to stay with the company rather than leave for better opportunities elsewhere has climbed from 40% two years ago to 59%.

The survey also found 32% of workers have been approached with a job offer in the past year and more than half think it would be at least somewhat easy to find a job.

Nearly three-quarters (72%) of employees would suggest their company as a good place to work, up ten points from 2005.

“If pay is their only defense against turnover, employers are going to exhaust their compensation budgets quickly,” said Robert Morgan, president of Talent Solutions at Hudson, in the press release. “Finding good talent is going to be a problem across the board in the coming years. Companies are kidding themselves if they think that they will be able to hold onto their staff without thinking about the overall work experience.”

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