ICMA-RC Provides Advice Services to Government Retirees

The retirement plan provider for public-sector employees is expanding its Guided Pathways advisory program.

ICMA-RC announced and expansion of its professional investment advisory services to retirees.

ICMA-RC’s Guided Pathways program now provides professional investment advisory services throughout the lifetime of public sector employees—from newly hired workers just beginning to save to retirees seeking help with making their assets last over their life expectancy.

Since 2007, ICMA-RC’s Guided Pathways initiative has been helping participants determine how much to save for retirement, how to invest what they save, and when they can retire. Now, when participants reach retirement, Guided Pathways will automatically adjust the advice provided to assist them with their retirement income planning.

Guided Pathways provides personalized projections, both at an aggregate level and detailed by each source of retirement income (e.g., ICMA-RC accounts, Social Security, pensions, outside accounts), designed to help them make their savings last throughout their retirement. In addition to customized retirement income advice, retirees enrolled in the ICMA-RC Guided Pathways Managed Accounts service will receive ongoing professional account management.

“I am very excited about this new service as we focus on helping public sector employees be prepared when they reach retirement. We want to make sure they feel confident into and during their retirement,” says Bob Schultze, ICMA-RC president and CEO. “Through current and new services like Guided Pathways, retirees can make important long-term financial decisions with the help of customized investment advisory services.”

For more information about ICMA-RC’s Guided Pathways advisory services, visit www.icmarc.org/guidedpathways.