If Executives Wore the President's Hat

September 7, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Twenty-six percent of executives said they would improve the workplace for employees if they were given the reins at their companies and the same percentage said they would change nothing.

Robert Half Management, which provides senior-level accounting and finance professionals, recently asked 150 executives from human resources, finance and marketing departments what they would do if they were named president of their companies.

The respondents’ wishes ranged from giving the office a makeover to increasing the time allotted for lunch.

According to the results, 26% of senior managers said creating an employee-friendly work environment would rank at the top of their list, 17% would improve communication, and 15% said they would improve company operations/performance.

Some of the respondents said they would take some steps to create a more flexible and employee-friendly workplace, including taking measures such as programs to achieve work/life balance, offering the option to telecommute, allowing business casual attire every workday, and increasing the number of vacation days.

Some of the respondents’ answers centered on improving communication and helping employees feel more of a connection with those in charge of the company. Some said they would be more upfront with employees and some said they would do more to make sure everyone at the company was aligned with the direction of the company.

Some executives said they would focus more on employee compensation, from increasing pay across the board to restructuring the company’s bonus and incentive programs. Others said they would increase the hiring of women and minorities for senior roles, according to a news release on the survey.