ING Offers Global Opportunities Strategy to U.S.

May 26, 2010 ( - ING Investment Management has launched the ING Global Opportunities equity strategy for U.S. institutional investors.

The strategy, which is being made available in a collective trust, is based on a fund that ING Investment Management has been managing on behalf of non-U.S. investors for nine years – the Netherlands-registered ING Global Opportunities Fund, according to a press release.  

The Global Opportunities Strategy is an actively managed, top-down approach to large-cap equity investing which focuses on identifying themes and choosing stocks that represent strong values within those themes, the announcement said. Currently, there are seven themes represented in the portfolio: Economic Growth, Technological and Industrial Innovations, Changes in Consumer Behavior, Environmental Changes, Digital Revolution, Societal and Political Changes, and Shifts in Demographics. Within each theme, major sub-themes are identified to provide further basis for stock selection.  

The strategy is managed by a team overseen by Lead Manager Tycho van Wijk, with the assistance of more than 35 analysts and investment professionals, and seeks to invest in between 50 and 150 “high conviction” stocks that represent opportunities based on the specific investment themes. The investment team takes into account the correlation between its various investment themes, allowing it to manage company and market risks. A proprietary risk model analyzes overall risk levels and seeks to reduce overall exposure to dominant risk factors.   

More information can be found here.