ING Retirement Number Campaign: Phase 2

April 23, 2009 ( - ING has rolled out the next phase of an integrated marketing campaign focused on one's retirement number.

The campaign, first launched in 2008, called attention to the importance of identifying and calculating the amount of money an individual needs to have saved up by the time he or she retires.   The new phase of the campaign now emphasizes the importance of protecting that number for the long-term.  

ING’s microsite, , is also updated to “make it easier for visitors to calculate and protect their retirement savings during uncertain market conditions,” according to the announcement.

“The economy has changed dramatically since we launched the retirement number concept last year, and we’ve been listening to what matters most to our customers and our business partners,” said Ann Glover, chief marketing officer for ING Americas.   “We quickly realized that ‘protecting’ one’s nest egg was just as critical as knowing how much it should be and saving toward it, so this theme became a natural evolution for the campaign.”  

Risks Represented

According to an announcement, one of two television commercials that will be airing this season features a man going about his daily routine, carrying his large, bright orange retirement number.   To demonstrate the many financial risks one faces in a volatile market, the number is:

  • run over by a truck,
  • caught in a subway door,
  • bitten by a dog, and even
  • torched on a hibachi grill.  

However, at the end of the day, the number is shown to have been safely protected in an airtight case, in good shape and ready for what the next day might bring.