INVESCO Opens Up "Your Account"

March 13, 2003 ( - INVESCO Retirement has introduced Your Account, a new way for retirement plan participants to monitor their accounts and update their investing preferences.

Jon Pauley, vice president for e-commerce at INVESCO Retirement, notes, “Our Web strategy is pretty simple — we want to make our site easier to use than other sites that our customers use every day.   Saving for retirement should focus on planning and saving strategies, not learning how to use a Web site.”

The new site offers, one click from the  INVESCO Retirement home page , access to a participant account summary that includes:

  • total and vested balance
  • balance by investments (in a table sortable by investment, dollar, value, shares, percent of total value)
  • fund fact sheets & prospectuses
  • statement links
  • custom messages by plan and account features
  • links to plan documents
  • one click access to all other portfolio information

Additionally, participants can view pending requests and recently submitted requests, export information to Quicken and Microsoft Money.

Employees who have not yet enrolled in the plan, but who are looking for information about 401k’s and other savings options, can nonetheless access educational content without having to have a login id.

INVESCO Retirement has also released an updated company Web site, showcasing its services for 401(k) and other workplace retirement plans. The site includes information for current clients, plan sponsors, and consultants, as well as potential partners and job seekers.

The site is