ITG Enhances POSIT Liquidity Solution

March 17, 2009 ( - Investment Technology Group, Inc. (ITG), an agency broker and financial technology firm, has introduced POSIT Marketplace, an enhanced offering that combines the existing POSIT liquidity pool with expanded destinations to help clients reach more buyside-to-buyside liquidity.

According to a press release, POSIT Marketplace unites all of ITG’s liquidity options, POSIT Now, POSIT Match (see New ITG Offering Targets Point-in-Time Crossing ), and the ITG Dark Algorithm (see ITG Unveils Flexible Participation Algorithm ), into one single liquidity source.

The new offering uses dark pool aggregation technology to provide clients with simplified access to an expanded range of liquidity destinations, ITG said. In addition, POSIT Marketplace incorporates advanced Liquidity Filter technology to ensure that clients are protected from gaming and only interacting with quality liquidity.

ITG said POSIT Alert, an indications based system, will continue to be a part of POSIT Marketplace, with POSIT Alert orders interacting with orders that reside in POSIT Marketplace. POSIT Marketplace can be accessed from any of ITG’s front end products.

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