It's National Employee Benefits Day

April 2, 2009 ( - It's National Employee Benefits Day - and this year there is a special focus on retirement security.

And to help you commemorate the occasion, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans offers a list of the ” Top Ten Ways To Celebrate National Employee Benefits Day 2009

  • Put a new twist on childhood games: Salary-Freeze Tag, Dodge Calls, Underfunded Pension Pickle, Benefits Manager in the Middle.
  • Demonstrate your social media savvy: Tweet all of your SPD updates; be sure to use plenty of emoticons.
  • Investigate the latest investment vehicles: shoe boxes, mattresses and piggy banks.
  • Make the new COBRA provisions fun: Create your own definition for “involuntarily terminated.”
  • While looking for activities to add to your wellness initiative, investigate the latest cardio workout frenzy – watching the Dow jump up and down.
  • Boast about your fiduciary responsibilities: announce that you were a finalist on “Benefits Compliance with the Stars” on your Facebook page.
  • Get a chuckle when some participant asks about Form 5307, Application for Determination for Adopters of Master or Prototype or Volume Submitter Plans, when they really mean Form 6088, Distributable Benefits from Employee Pension Benefit Plans–that’s hilarious!
  • Write a poem to read at the next all-staff meeting, “Retirement – WRERA ARRA You?”
  • Investigate the new economic stimulus plan – electroshock therapy.
  • Rather than negotiating the next salary contract, let Guitar Hero determine the winner.

And if none of THOSE suggestions do anything for you, the IFEBP has available:

  • Free e-cards
  • Free videocasts
  • Free posters
  • Free informational resources
  • Free tip sheets

As well as an opportunity to see how others are celebrating the day – check it out at