Khan Investment Management to Release Equity Fund

July 5, 2011 ( - Khan Investment Management has announced the August launch of the Khan Mongolia Equity Fund.

In a recent press release, Khan said the fund was designed to capitalize on the growth opportunities in Mongolia and provide investors with both diversified and liquid exposure to the region’s growing economy. It will invest in companies with significant assets and operations in Mongolia listed internationally and on the Mongolian Stock Exchange, and participate in Mongolian initial public offerings.

Khan has appointed Gordian Capital Singapore Private Ltd, a specialist fund management group offering full service fund management infrastructure and operational support, as the Investment Manager of the fund. Investment banking firm Monet Capital, which is based in Ulaanbaatar with a seat on the Mongolian Stock Exchange, has been appointed as Chief Investment Advisor.  

Mongolia is forecast to have the fastest growing economy in the world over the next decade.  Growth will be primarily driven by the development of the nation’s mining sector, which includes some of the world’s largest coal, copper, gold and uranium deposits,” said Travis Hamilton, Managing Director of Khan, in the announcement. “Given our unique capabilities and strategic partnerships we can provide key opportunities in the Mongolian market which few investors have the ability to access.”


­-Sara Kelly