Many Middle Managers Are Scouring the Want Ads

August 21, 2003 ( - Nearly four out of 10 (38%) US middle managers are currently seeking new employment, with another 10% waiting for the job market to shore up before beginning their search.

Additionally, of those currently looking, nearly two-thirds (64%) said they would intensify their searches when the job market strengthens, according to a survey by Accenture. The majority of those seeking a new job (56%) cited better pay or benefits. Other reasons for the hunt included:

  • better conditions or job prospects (12%)
  • better training and development opportunities (8%)
  • lack of prospects or advancement at their current jobs (8%)
  • dislike of their current jobs (7%)
  • dislike of their bosses (6%).

“Given the early indicators of a possible US recovery, companies need to identify their top performers, rethink their investments in them and find ways to keep them happy and loyal,” said Edward Jensen, a partner in Accenture’s Human Performance service line, in a statement. “As a first step, they should understand the issues that are top-of-mind for those managers. They should then address those issues with specific programs, which might include compensation discussions, but may also focus on quality of life or training and development concerns.”

However, those waiting for the job market to turn the corner understand this could be a long-term endeavor. The majority said the job market will strengthen and the economy will improve either within six to 12 months (26%) or between one and two years (27%), with 30% projecting two years or more before it happens. Only one out of 10 (13%) said they see a turnaround within the next six months.

The survey, part of an ICR/International Communications Research omnibus survey conducted by telephone in July 2003, entailed querying 509 full-time middle managers in the United States.