Memo to Boss: Open Gifts from Employees

October 5, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.COM) - A man who worked at a Tokyo online apparel sales firm thought he was simply staying with Japanese tradition by presenting his boss with a gift box of jelly desserts.

But then, according to a Reuters news report, he discovered his boss had never bothered to open – much less acknowledge – the worker’s gesture. The box of jellies stayed just where the boss had left it – under his desk.

That is when the social pleasantries stopped.

Reuters, citing the English-language Asahi Shimbun, said the 31-year-old gift giver flew into a rage, grabbed a truncheon, and proceeded to smash 22 office computers.

The only “injuries” suffered in the incident were to the office equipment.

The man eventually pled guilty to charges of obstructing business with force, the Japanese newspaper reported, quoting the employee’s lawyer as lamenting, “I wish the company president had cared a little more.”

The whole reason for the snub, according to prosecutors: the employer had been too busy to open the gift.