Mercer Establishes Investment Management Biz in Korea

September 27, 2011 ( - Mercer has strengthened its financial services arm by establishing an Investment Management business in Korea to help local investors take advantage of global investment opportunities.

The Investment Management solutions complement Mercer’s financial services to be offered in Korea, which include investment research and advice, actuarial valuations, financial modeling, and a host of related services designed for Korean institutional investors, fund managers, multinational pension plans, and Employee Retirement Security Act (ERSA) vendors.  

“We want to help Korean institutional investors access a range of assets globally to build more diverse and therefore more robust investment portfolios so that they are better able to deal with market volatility and achieve investment objectives,” said Kwang Lee, Mercer’s Korea Head of Investment Management business, in a news release.    

Lee joined Mercer earlier this year with his first task being to finalize the necessary licensing arrangements to enable Mercer to offer Investment Management solutions to Korean investors. With the license now granted, his focus has turned to introducing local investors to the benefits of investing with Mercer.