Mercer Launches Comp Web Site

September 21, 2010 ( – Mercer has unveiled a new Web site dealing with employers’ compensation practices and how those policies relate to larger human resource planning issues.

A Mercer news release said the new site features a range of resources that include:

  • Insight from 12 Mercer consultants from around the world with expertise in compensation planning. These consultants provide country and regional perspectives on five issue:   the current mindset regarding base pay increases for 2011, the status of pay for performance, how companies are managing employee expectations for 2011, how employers are providing incentives and engaging high-potential employees; and where employers will place their compensation investment bets in 2011;
  • Mercer Perspective on compensation planning – a new point-of-view paper that outlines global strategies for engaging and retaining talent, managing pay while maintaining competitiveness, and minimizing the chance for pay inequity;
  • Podcasts from Mercer consultants on a variety of human capital topics for 2011 and links to Mercer’s surveys and reports.

The site is at