Mobile Devices Provide Employees Flexible Schedule, But More Hours

 August 30, 2011 ( – The third quarter iPass Mobile Workforce Report shows 75% of employees with mobile devices work more hours because of the increased flexibility in when and where they can work.  


The report examines the trend of “workshifting”—the ability for employees to work when and where they want to. The report drew on the experiences of more than 3,100 mobile employees at 1,100 enterprises worldwide.  Other highlights of the study include:



  • 68% of mobile workers occasionally disconnected completely from technology, up from just 47% last year
  • 55% worked at least 10 or more extra hours each week
  • 64% felt they were better able to balance their work load with personal commitments
  • 51% were more relaxed as a result of this improved balance
  • 54% felt their productivity was substantially improved


Workshifting has become the expectation of nearly all business employees. Although 95% stated their employers encouraged or tolerated workshifting, 40% would like to have an even more flexible work environment. Thirty-three percent stated they would seek employment elsewhere if they were not receiving enough flexibility at work; 57% would be less satisfied with their job; and 45% would feel less productive. 

Click here to download the report in its entirety.