More Nicotine Equals Greater Productivity?

February 22, 2008 ( - As Business and Legal Reports ( points out, ever since most states and companies have adopted an indoor smoking ban, a new debate has arisen over the effect of smoke breaks on workplace productivity, but a new Philip Morris product could provide a solution.

According to a editorial, the company’s latest idea is a shorter, more potent cigarette designed to give smokers a quicker “fix” and get them back to work sooner. The new product is Marlboro Intense and it’s currently available in Turkey, according to

Media reports say Philip Morris plans to aim the product at the 50 or so countries worldwide that have indoor smoking bans, according to The company reportedly also has in development, Marlboro Mix, a cigarette of regular length that delivers twice the nicotine.

The products may snuff out the argument that smokers are less productive because they take more frequent and longer breaks than non-smokers, and perhaps that extra “jolt” of nicotine will increase smokers’ productivity.

For employers concerned over worker health, pointed out urging Congress to pass legislation to allow the FDA to regulate nicotine levels could prevent the products from reaching American employees.