More Than a Third of Workers at Some Firms Newly OT Eligible

August 5, 2004 ( - Some 17.2% of companies in a new survey said more than third of their workforce will be newly-eligible for overtime pay under the new Fair Pay rules.

The poll by Compensation Resources, Inc., an Upper Saddle River, New Jersey HR consulting firm, also found that 6.4% of companies will see 21% to 30% newly eligible workers while 11.5% expect 11% to 20% newly overtime eligibles. A quarter (24.8%) are looking for 1% to 10%.

A third of respondents, 30.6%, said they don’t expect any newly eligible workers at their companies, according to a Compensation Resources news release. Just under one in 10, (9.5%) said they weren’t sure about how many people would be affected by the new rules. The final rules go into effect August 23 (See Uneven Start for New Overtime Rules ).

Compensation Resources, Inc. surveyed 157 companies in May and June to compile data on workforce percentages that will be newly-eligible for overtime pay.