Most Executives Wouldn't Want to Go it Alone

September 20, 2007 ( - The majority of executives wouldn't choose to be their own boss if they have the opportunity, according to a recent survey by Robert Half Management Resources.

The survey of 150 executives found that 65% said the average executive would not choose to be self-employed if he or she had the necessary startup capital.

However, 32% disagreed with that assessment, down from the 38% in a similar survey 10 years earlier who felt senior managers would be interested in being their own boss.

“Some executives may see more opportunity – and security – in their corporate roles than in venturing out on their own,” said Paul McDonald, executive director of Robert Half Management Resources, who conducted the survey. “The failure of a sizable number of startups earlier in the decade left many senior managers wary of the risks associated with self-employment.”

He noted that consulting can be a good alternative for those who seek the advantages of self-employment without the administrative burden of owning a small business.