Most Workers not in Love with Their Jobs

February 14, 2008 ( - Apparently, these days, people in love with their work are few and far between.

The latest indication of that comes in an unusual survey by a Dublin, California, personnel search agency that found among 1,215 working adults fewer than one in 10 would “marry” their job if it came back to life as a person.

A news release from survey sponsor Taleo Corp. said respondents were given five possible responses:

  • I like my job so much I’d marry it,
  • I like my job enough, I’d date it seriously,
  • It’s ok, I’d date it casually,
  • I don’t like it, it won’t last long, or
  • I hate it, I want to break up with it immediately.

The survey found most respondents are pretty lukewarm on their current job posting. Only 9% of respondents said they love their job so much they would marry it. Approximately one-third (34%) said they like it, while half of respondents either think it’s ok (43%), don’t like it (9%), or hate it (5%).

Those over 55 years of age are more likely to love or like their job (53%), compared to 18-34 year olds (37%). More 18-34 year olds said their job is ok (44%), compared to 55+ year olds (39%).

Nearly half of respondents earning more than $75,000 per household (49%) said they love or like their job, compared to roughly one-third of respondents who earned less than $35,000 per household (36%). Nearly half (48%) who earned less than $35,000 per household said their job is ok, compared to a little over one-third of those with household income greater than $75,000 (38%).

Respondents who live in the West are more likely to like or love their job (48%), compared to those in the Northeast (39%).

Respondents who are married are much more likely to love or like their job (50%), than those who are single or have never been married (29%). Some 47% of married respondents said their job is ok, compared to 41% of never-been-married respondents.