Motley Fool Unveils Equity Offering

March 2, 2011 ( – Motley Fool Asset Management has launched Motley Fool Great America Fund.

A news release said the new offering focuses on lightly-followed U.S. companies that may offer real value opportunities for patient, long-term stock investors.  

According to the company, advantages of the new fund include:

  • Fair, performance-based fees – Motley Fool Asset Management has a financial incentive to help investors do better than the market.  The “fulcrum fee” compensation model means that the fees are based on the performance of the fund.
  • Frank, friendly communications – Through monthly newsletters, and annual in-person investors meeting and twice yearly conference call forums, fund managers promise to talk to investors “frequently and frankly, in plain English, like a trusted partner.”
  • Unwavering temperament – Motley Fool Asset Management doesn’t get rattled in rocky waters or chase the latest Wall Street fad.
  • 21st century convenience – Motley Fool Asset Management aims to provide the most convenient investing process in the industry through a secure, interactive Web site.

More information is at