MSCI All Country Index Returns 0.48% in September

October 1, 2003 ( - The MSCI All Country World Index Free ended September 0.48% higher.

Year to date, the index has returned 15.38%.   However, over the three- and five- year periods, the index, a free float-adjusted market capitalization index measuring equity market performance in 23 developed markets and 26 emerging markets, has given back 10.90% and 0.57%, respectively, according to a news release.

By comparison, the MSCI World Index, which segregates the 23 developed markets, had an identical September advance of 0.48%, coming in only slightly lower on the yearly numbers at 14.82%. The World Index has also been negative over the three- and five- year terms, recording losses of 11.34% and 0.91% respectively.

The Japan portion of the All Country index turned in September’s strongest return at 5.58% and is now up an impressive 24.26% over the year.   Also among the particularly strong September performers in MSCI’s global equity indices were:

  • United Kingdom Index – 3.33%
  • EMF Latin America Index – 3.14%
  • EAFE Index – 2.92%
  • Emerging Market EMEA Index – 2.19%

Conversely, the USA Index, at -1.29%, and the EMF Asia Index, at -1.08%, were September’s only components of the All Country index on the negative side.