Nationwide Helps Ease 401(k) Enrollment Challenge

April 30, 2007 ( - Nationwide Financial Services has come out with a three-phase process to help plan sponsors educate employees about 401(k) plans.

According to a company press release, plan sponsors can choose the pre-enrollment materials that will best meet their participant education goals, which according to Nationwide, might include: increasing participant enrollment, increasing contributions, or encouraging appropriate asset allocation strategies.

Post-enrollment materials also include participant reminder letters and presentations for ongoing retirement education.

Other changes that Nationwide has made to its enrollment materials include:

  • Simplified resources with messages that focus on the retirement saving and investing process from the participant’s point of view.
  • An investment personality profile to help participants identify their investment style on saving levels and investment options based on their preferences.

To learn more about the participant education program, call Nationwide Financial at 800-626-3112.