Nearly Half of Small Businesses Surveyed do not Offer Health Insurance

August 26, 2009 ( - A new survey of 912 small to medium-sized business owners across the United States by management consulting firm George S. May International found that 46% of respondents do not offer health insurance to their employees.

Of the 54% who do offer health insurance to their employees, almost a quarter (22%) said they only pay half the cost of premiums. Only 13% of respondents that offer insurance indicated they pay 100% of the premiums.

In addition, the survey found 10% offering health insurance pay 90% of premiums; 20% pay 80%; 18% pay 70%; and 17% pay 60%.

“The most glaring number is the fact that 22% of those small businesses that offer health insurance only pay 50%, which is a clear sign of being in survival mode,” said Paul Rauseo, managing director of George S. May International, in the survey report.

The survey results are here .