Time Running Out for US West Retirees

April 30, 2000 ( - Once again pension plan retirees are standing up to management - and the fate of a multi-billion dollar merger may hang in the balance, as some 45,000 US West retirees try to make sure that a $5.7 billion pension surplus doesn't disappear in the wake of a pending merger with Quest Communications. But they may be running out of time - and options.

Chamber of Commerce Chooses SunAmerica/ADP

April 27, 2000 - ( The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed a new SunAmerica/ADP alliance as the preferred pension provider for its nearly 3 million small business members, replacing Fidelity Investments.

NCR Retirees Sue Over Slashed Healthcare Benefits

April 25, 2000 ( - A class action suit starts in Minneapolis Thursday over whether NCR had the right to reduce health subsidies and eliminate Medicare supplementation to 3,370 former workers and spouses who accepted early retirement in 1993.

CalPERS Postpones Action On HMO Co-Payments

April 19, 2000 ( - CalPERS Wednesday said it needed more time to consider the impact of doubling co-payments for office visits and brand-name prescription drugs for the year 2001.