Hewitt Finds Companies Globally Cutting 2009 Salary Budgets

February 4, 2009 ( - According to new research by Hewitt Associates, the majority of organizations in every region of the world are responding to the current economic turmoil by making across-the-board cuts to their 2009 salary increase budgets.

Multinats Taking Global Pension Management Perspective

October 2, 2008 ( - With the economic turmoil now touching all parts of the globe, more than 80% of multinationals with retirement plans in many countries are dealing with the resulting financial risk on a global basis, a new survey found.

Huntington Bank Cuts 401(k) Match

February 4, 2009 ( - Huntington Bancshares has announced actions it will take to get on more sound financial footing, including cutting company match contributions to its 401(k) plan.

Firms Going Green with IT Expansion

February 3, 2009 ( - A new study by Deloitte and CFO Research Services highlights what the two firms say is a growing trend of companies beefing up their IT abilities in a green-friendly way.

Disclosure not the Only Issue with 401(k) Plan Fees

February 3, 2009 ( - While clear and complete disclosure of fees and costs can help 401(k) plan sponsors ensure that plan fees are not unreasonable for participants, disclosure alone is not sufficient.

Recession Offers Opportunity to Bring in Top Talent

February 2, 2009 ( - While many employers throughout the United States may be cutting back on overall staffing levels during the economic recession, companies also recognize this period of time as an opportunity to hire top-quality job candidates, according to Jobfox.

Economy Slows Auto Enrollment Trend

February 2, 2009 ( - According to a new survey by Hewitt Associates, many companies are looking for ways to lower the costs of their retirement benefits while still encouraging their workers to invest wisely for retirement.



HSAs could be Bank Boon

February 2, 2009 ( - The Health Savings Account (HSA) business has apparently been kind to bank-based HSA providers, according to a new research report on the niche market segment.

73% of DC Sponsors Say No 2009 Match Changes

February 2, 2009 ( - While media accounts may be full of reports of employer decisions to suspend their retirement plan company match contributions, 73% of DC plan sponsors in a new survey plan no match changes.