Fidelity Finds DC Participants In for the Long Haul

January 20, 2009 ( - Participants in defined contribution plans recordkept at Fidelity Investments have behaved much the same way as their investor brethren in plans at other firms during the current economic turmoil: they stayed the course.

403(b) Plans: The Prior Provider Hurdle

January 20, 2009 (PLANSPONSOR (b)lines) - As plan sponsors consider and implement provider changes with an eye toward the new blueprint provided by the 403(b) regulations, they may encounter some unexpected obstacles in bringing together accounts from prior vendor relationships.

Management Can Drive Away Good Employees

January 20, 2009 ( - More than one-third (35%) of executives interviewed said good employees are most likely to quit their jobs because of unhappiness with management.

Saks Suspends 401(k) Match, Drops 1,100 Jobs

January 16, 2009 ( - Upscale retailer Saks has joined a host of U.S. employers in suspending its 401(k) match as part of a broad $50 million to $60-million cost-cutting campaign that also includes axing about 1,100 jobs.

Must One Be Female to Be a "Hooters Girl"?

January 16, 2009 ( - A Corpus Christi, Texas, man has filed a lawsuit claiming he was discriminated against based on his gender when he applied for a job as a server at Hooters.

403(b) Sponsors Could Do More to Help Employees Save

January 15, 2009 ( - While new Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations are the primary driver of recent 403(b) plan changes, hopefully sponsors have been considering changes that will also make their programs a better retirement savings vehicle for employees.

Some 401(k)s Showing Withdrawal Request Spike

January 15, 2009 ( - While the trend may only affect less than 1% of 401(k) participants, a spike in withdrawal requests and deferral rate decreases to zero percent should still be a cause for concern for plan sponsors.

Public Employers Focusing More on Disease Management

January 14, 2009 ( -A recent health care survey found the majority of public sector employers are working to control costs by implementing disease management and wellness programs, instead of introducing consumer-driven health plans (CDHPs).

CT Same-sex Marriages Affect Employer Offerings

January 14, 2009 ( - A new bulletin from Sibson Consulting summarizes new guidance in Connecticut regarding same-gender marriages, and discusses the implications for plan sponsors both in the state and out.

Coca-Cola Proposes Retiree-Health Funding Plan

January 14, 2009 ( - Coca-Cola Inc. has asked for regulatory approval for a plan under which it will fund its retiree health benefits through an insurance arrangement involving its in-house insurer.

Visteon Suspends 401(k) Match

January 14, 2009 ( - Auto-parts supplier Visteon Corp. announced it would suspend its 401(k) match as well as its salary increases in the face of slumping sales.

Incentive Payouts May Reflect Company Results and Economy

January 14, 2009 ( - As companies finalize their decisions related to incentive payouts for 2008 and equity awards for 2009, they are giving significant weight to examining their year-end results and the broader economic environment, according to a new Mercer survey on annual and long-term incentives.