NFP Expands Private Health Exchange

NFP, a broker and consultant, announced the expansion of NFP Marketplace, its private exchange for workplace health care benefits.


Through new partnerships with GetInsured and HealthPlanOne, NFP Marketplace enables employers to offer affordable health insurance options to retirees, COBRA-eligible individuals, and employees who do not qualify for sponsored plans.

GetInsured is a cloud-based health insurance exchange platform that helps employers offer access to an array of Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance options, including access to federally-subsidized coverage. Employees can shop for and enroll in a plan in a variety of ways, including on the web or a mobile device, or through the customer care center.

HealthPlanOne is a web-based provider of private health care exchange services that will enable employers to offer either a defined contribution or access-only program. Advisers provide guidance and enrollment support while retirees are have the ability to view plan details, compare individual plans, utilize decision support tools, and maintain a link to their former employer.

“Private exchanges, which include sophisticated decision-support tools and defined contribution capabilities, have introduced new ways for employers to make affordable health coverage a reality for their entire workforce,” says Ed O’Malley, president of NFP’s corporate client group.