Nurses and Teachers Top "Most Trusted" Poll

December 9, 2004 ( - If you happen to get caught on a desert island, hopefully it will be with a nurse and a grade school teacher.

That’s at least if you go by Gallup’s annual US survey of the most trusted professions since nurses (79%) and elementary school educators (73%) topped the list of 21 professions – just ahead of military officers and druggists (both at 72%), according to Reuters.

It may not be to your advantage to be marooned on that island with a car salesman, however. Not surprisingly, according to the Gallup survey, a scant 9% said auto dealers were honest and had high ethics, a point behind advertising representatives.

Journalists didn’t do much better. TV personalities (23%) and newspaper reporters (21%) trailed auto mechanics (26%) and nursing home operators (24%) on the “most trusted” list.

Gallup conducted the nationwide telephone interviews with 1,015 adults, aged 18 or older from November 19 to 21.