Office Political Banter Declines as Election Season Continues

September 21, 2004 ( - Despite (and maybe even because of) the increasingly polarized election season that is currently underway, employees are becoming less likely to discuss politics at the office.

A survey of office workers by the ComPsych Corporation found that in recent weeks employees have had less interest in debating politics at the office.

In August, when asked about the current level of interest in and debate about the presidential election, 60% said it was the “same as” or “less than” previous election years. This was up a substantial 39% from July. Only 40% said their interest was “more than” previous years, down 30% from only a month ago.

“Employees have settled into their own camps and have tired of debating those of the opposite political view,” said Richard Chaifetz, chairman and CEO of ComPsych, in a press release. “People are also tired of the negative campaign rhetoric and media coverage, as well as the workplace tension generated by arguing with coworkers. It has caused employees, at this point, to keep their beliefs to themselves.”