Online Degrees Acceptable but not Credible

July 17, 2008 ( - A survey by career information provider Vault shows online degrees are becoming more acceptable, but most employers say they are not as credible as traditional degrees.

While 83% of survey respondents said online degrees are more acceptable today than they were five years ago, only 19% indicated they have hired someone who only possessed an online degree. Forty-nine percent of employers had encountered a job applicant with an online degree.

The majority (63%) said they would favor a job applicant with a degree from a traditional college or university over one with an online degree. Just over one-third (35%) said they would give each type of applicant equal consideration.

More than half indicated an online Bachelor’s degree (59%) and online Graduate degree (54%) are acceptable, but not as credible as degrees from traditional schools. Neither online degree was acceptable or credible to 18% of respondents.