Pasta Preferences Predict Politics?

A new survey finds that geography - and perhaps politics - shapes pasta preferences.

The “analysis” – conducted by American Italian Pasta Company (they claim to be the largest producer of pasta in North America) – suggests that Democrats lean towards elbow macaroni, while Republicans tend to prefer long spaghetti.

Or perhaps, more accurately, that people in blue states prefer the former, those in the so-called “red” states, the latter.

AIPC analyzed Nielsen-based sales data from across the country and compared different shapes and cuts of pasta preferences in the Republican or “red” states to the Democratic or “blue” states, based on the 2004 presidential election results.

“With the race for the White House now swinging into high gear on the heals of the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, we decided to take a lighthearted look at red state vs. blue state pasta preferences to answer the question: as a country, are we divided about our pasta as we are about our politics?” said Drew Lericos, vice president of marketing of American Italian Pasta Company.

Bi-Partisan Support?

AIPC did uncover some bi-partisan ground: healthier pastas – including whole grain and whole wheat varieties – are gaining in popularity across party lines.

Even there, the comparisons weren’t totally in line with the red/blue demarcation.   Blue state Massachusetts actually prefers spaghetti, according to AIPC – though that might, of course, be good news for former Massachusetts governor and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.