Paylocity Gives its WebPay a Facelift

April 24, 2007 ( - Payroll provider Paylocity launched a new version of its Web-based and payroll and human resources solution, which allows employers to handle more complex payroll needs.

According to a news release, the human resources segment has been expanded and broken out into a separate section.

The expanded WebPay 4.0 includes a   WebCalc payroll calculation engine has been enhanced to provide the ability to perform any custom calculations required to calculate a paycheck and has the capability to calculate an entire payroll for thousands of employees in less than a minute, according to the company.

The features of the revamped Web site include:

  • Allows users to consolidate the management for companies with multiple controls for organizations overseeing multiple companies;
  • The Audit Trail allows users to verify all employee changes, showing who made a change and when the change was made.
  • The ability to reconcile live checks allows companies to complete the entire payroll cycle within WebPay.

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