Poll: More Office Potties Open to Both Genders

June 15, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Don't be surprised if you find a co-worker of the opposite sex coming out of the office potty that used to be for your gender only.

That was a key result of a survey by career publisher Vault Inc., which found 51% of the workplaces of respondents now have single-occupancy lavatories open to both men and women employees.

A Vault news release said the finding represented a “significant” hike from 10 years ago.

“Most folks have co-ed bathrooms in their houses, right?” one female respondent told the Vault pollsters.

However, not everyone agrees that sharing a bathroom is good for business. According to the news release, one male respondent said: “We have a unisex bathroom here and it is in a constant state of zoo- cage cleanliness.”

Vault’s 2007 Gender Issues in the Workplace survey was conducted in May 2007 and is comprised of 724 responses from employees representing a variety of industries across the country. Respondents were 44% men and 56% women.