Principal Unveils HSA Calculator

August 20, 2009 ( - A new online tool from the Principal Financial Group is designed to help those considering use of a health savings account (HSA) determine eligibility and estimate potential savings.

A Principal news release said t he HSA calculator walks individuals through three steps including:

  • determining eligibility,
  • calculating contribution maximums, and
  • estimating potential savings and future account value.

class=”listparagraph”> Once the steps are complete, users receive a personalized summary of the information so they can evaluate the benefits of starting a health savings account. 

class=”listparagraph”> “The economic recession created a wake up call for Americans to take a fresh look at saving for the unexpected. With health care costs on the rise, Americans should consider new ways to put money aside for future health care expenses,” said Jerry Ripperger, national director for consumer health of the Principal Financial Group, in the news release. “By running the numbers online, many individuals will realize health savings accounts are a smart way to save money tax-free for future costs.”

class=”listparagraph”> The calculator is available to the public at .