Pryor Leaves Russell/Mellon for State Street

February 15, 2007 ( - State Street Corporation has hired former president and CEO of Russell/Mellon Analytical Services William Pryor to act as its senior vice president and head of the global performance and analytics services.

Pryor will be based in Boston and report to Patrick Centanni, senior vice president and head of State Street’s product and technology solutions team, according to a news release.

Before joining State Street, Pryor helped to develop Russell/Mellon Analytical Services’ business and product strategy
which led to both numerous capabilities in performance measurement, attribution, analytics, compliance and client information delivery.

“State Street understands that robust performance and analytics, tightly coupled with empoweringinformation delivery capabilities, plays a significant role in adding value to the clients’ investment process,” Pryor said in the press release.

With $11.9 trillion in assets under custody and $1.7 trillion in assets under management as of December 31, 2006, State
Street operates in 26 countries and more than 100 geographic markets, according to the company.

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