PSCA Offers Retirement Savings Communication Campaign Materials

PSCA's new 401(k)/403(b) Day campaign can be used any time during the year and includes five pieces that highlight different retirement savings concepts.

The Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA) is offering football-themed education and communication materials for retirement plan sponsors.

PSCA’s new 401(k)/403(b) Day campaign can be used any time during the year, although it was released for its official 401(k) Day this year, September 6. The campaign includes five pieces that can be used as posters, flyers, email content and website content. Each module highlights different retirement savings concepts.

The materials come with a coach’s handbook that offers a guide for plan sponsors on how to use the campaign materials. It includes information on how to use each of the modules, as well as how to make it fun for participants. It also includes online links to football themed games and events that can tie in with the communications.

Module 1: Get in the Game is designed to get participants in the retirement savings game. There is a version that talks about the employer match in general terms, or plan sponsors can use the customizable version to include specific information on their match formula.

Module 2: Paying Offense covers investments and the importance of diversification and rebalancing. Module 3: Avoid Getting Sacked discusses the impact of loans and hardship withdrawals on long-term savings. Module 4: Making a Comeback covers strategies as people near retirement, including the catch-up contribution.

Module 5: Winning is a post-game recap that covers the key concepts covered in modules 1-4. Plan sponsors can review what participants have learned and determine if further information or education is needed in particular areas.

The materials are available at