Retirement Services Firm Adds Performance Measurement Tools

February 18, 2004 ( - An Orlando-based retirement services firm has added new personal performance measurement and investment analysis tools - including a personal rate of return feature - to its Web site.

According to a news release, the tools will enable participants to see how their investments are performing over time.

Key features added to the site include visual representations of an account’s historical net investment (i.e., the amount the participant has actually invested) vs. market value, as well as a variety of ways to view and monitor personal rate of return – all updated daily. In addition, participants can move to the next level of detail and perform the same analysis for individual holdings and do it over custom, user-defined time periods.

The new features were created using a technology platform developed by dailyVest, Inc., a third-party software development firm specializing in financial services technology.

The participant site is . For more information, go to .