Rising Hem Lines in '04 Bodes Well For Markets

January 26, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - If one kooky market theory holds true, skirt hemlines rising above the knee could also be a leading indicator of good markets ahead.

At least that is how 63% of the 1,000 shoppers polled see it.   That vocal majority said ladies’ skirts will be rising above the knee, and the way Taubman Centers, the supplier of such research, reads it, the signs are all pointing to another good year for the stock markets, according to a news release.

Apparently unable to find darts to throw at the business pages, Taubman says the hemline theory works.  “The time-tested theory says that when hemlines go up, so does the economy,” according to Taubman.   The results indicated more than a 30% increase in economic optimism over last year’s results (See  Economic Indicator Heads Higher ).

Less than one-third of respondents showed “cautious optimism” by projecting just-below-the-knee skirts.   Just 7% predicted “uncertain times” – ankle length skirts.   Overall, the results in 2004 could be sewed up as:

  • Cheesecake! (Good times ahead): 12%
  • Above the knee (Light at the end of the tunnel): 51%
  • Just below the knee (Cautious optimism): 30%
  • Ankle duster (Uncertain times ahead): 7%.

“I guess you could say that our customers across the country believe the economy really has legs,” said Karen MacDonald, spokeswoman for Taubman, in the news release.