RiskManager: The Next Generation

April 10, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - RiskMetrics Group launched the next generation of RiskManager, its flagship market risk application.

RiskManager provides a secure Web-based interface to the entire suite of RiskMetrics’ analytics, risk reporting, market data, and security master data to offer an integrated risk solution to institutions. The enhanced application allows users to run ad hoc analyses on demand, design stress scenarios, perform what-if analyses to rebalance portfolios, produce custom reports, and automate overnight batch processing.

Risk managers can enter new positions and perform ad hoc what-if and scenario analyses leveraging RiskManager. In addition, the application is transparent in its modeling and risk calculations, empowering clients to better understand modeling assumptions, according to the firm.

According to the announcement, given the volatile market environment, financial institutions require the ability to model all positions across every portfolio in a single platform. RiskManager’s suite of risk analytics enables risk managers to control key modeling assumptions used to calculate portfolio risk across asset classes.

“Communication across key stakeholders becomes increasingly important in periods of market stress,” said Jorge Mina, Co-Head of RiskMetrics Group’s Risk Business.” As such, risk managers, portfolio managers, investors, and regulators need access to timely risk information, backed by a flexible and robust reporting infrastructure. RiskManager’s custom reporting capabilities offer risk managers accurate and clear measures of risk on demand, which, in turn, they can share with stakeholders.”

RiskManager is powered by RiskServer, a Web-based risk engine designed to be integrated into an existing risk management, trade-capture, or straight-through processing system.

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