RolloverSystems Expands NRP Relationship

September 25, 2009 ( - RolloverSystems, Inc. (RSI), an independent provider of rollover services, will now offer those services to NRP Financial, Inc. (NRP) advisors.

According to the announcement, RSI will now offer an additional, elective service to NRPF advisors to assist in opening IRA brokerage accounts. According to the firm, the service will complement the turnkey program currently provided by RSI, which allows the advisors to support all terminated plan participants and plan sponsors in the 401(k) plans they advise.

“Our pilot engagement with RSI was very effective and well-received by our advisors, who recognize that rollovers from 401(k) plans represent a great opportunity, both for strengthening their relationships with their plan sponsor clients and for building their own practices,” said Robert Francis, COO of NRP. “We’re now enhancing the services and rolling them out to the entire network of NRPF advisors.”

NRP chose to expand its relationship with RSI after experiencing its ability to provide plan participants with education and access to an independent array of rollover options, and assistance with distribution processes through its Retirement Center, staffed by licensed professionals, according to a press release.

Transition Help

In addition, RSI’s rollover network program will enable advisors to capture more rollover assets in transition by:  

  • Providing a concierge roll out service to streamline and manage plan implementations
  • Campaigning to participants on behalf of advisors
  • Preparing participants to speak with advisors about investment decisions

National Retirement Partners (NRP) member firms provide advisory services to more than 6,000 retirement plans with assets in excess of $48 billion. NRP has over 150 member firm offices in over 39 states.

To support the NRP program, RSI has signed agreements with some of the largest 401(k) plan providers in the industry, enabling it to quickly implement services and seamlessly receive participant data, according to the firms.